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Graphene antennas in Mobile World Congress

We have had the opportunity this week (22-25th February 2016) to attend the Mobile World Congress in Spain, and what an experience it was for us and our graphene antennas!

The event

The MWC is one of the most prestigious events worldwide – it attracts more than 100,000 visitors and it is held in Barcelona, Spain. The event is used routinely by the likes of Samsung and LG as a platform to announce their latest flagships phones.

More than 2200 exhibitors make the trip from 204 countries with speakers of the calibre of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

The event also shares some of our values in aiming to deliver sustainability: it is the largest carbon neutral trade show, and it has a Guinness Book of World Records to show this!

The Graphene Pavilion in the Mobile World Congress

We were based within the Graphene Pavilion stand – a space solely devoted to graphene development and applications, kindly organized by the European Graphene Flagship. There, we were amongst other companies exhibiting and demonstrating graphene technologies.

Graphene antennas demo & VIP talk

We had the chance of demonstrating the antenna to many visitors (55% of which were c-level executives according to MWC)! Our stand was manned by our VP Thanasis Georgiou.

Our director, Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov also took stage in one of the MWC’s main stages to talk about graphene applications and showed the future pipeline of such developments.

And it certainly took people by surprise that graphene was no longer a laboratory material, rather it is making advances towards the mass markets. Thanasis also had the chance to give a prestigious talk in which he demonstrated, live on stage, our passive RFID graphene antennas.

The future

The MWC is officially the first public event in which we actively market our graphene antennas. This is not a coincidence — we are now certain of our capability both in terms of manufacture, as well as in terms of industrial update. We expect to travel and demonstrate our capabilities more actively in 2016 and we will update you as soon as we do!

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