//Graphene RFID tech finalist at RFID Live!

Graphene RFID tech finalist at RFID Live!

We previously wrote how 2016 is the year for marketing our product line so we set out to accomplish upon that vision. In early January 2016 we came across of the RFID Live! Journal awards and we’d though we do have a good case for it, that was indeed the case: our graphene RFID technologies were a finalist at the exhibition’s awards!

The RFID Live! Awards

The RFID journal is the world’s first independent media outlet devoted solely to RFID. It was launched in 2002 – some 14 years ago. They also run yearly events since 2002, which they call RFID Live!

The RFID Journal awards were set out to pick out companies which have been innovating over seven different categories – one of which is the best new product.

The Graphene RFID Panel Light

Beyond our RFID graphene antennas production ability, we very much consider ourselves as an antenna integrator – that is, we deliver solutions that comprise of the necessary hardware, software and middleware solutions in order to achieve a turnkey solution. The Graphene Panel Light is a step towards that direction.

In order to delivery the Internet of Things, readers (interrogators) are also required to be ever-present. It is the nature of RFID, that its range is limited – and therefore it requires a readers to be ever-present. Lighting is also ever-present. So, by combining RFID readers with lighting we can establish a solution which is contained within a thin profile. So we decided to combine the two: graphene antennas and lighting and the result is the Graphene Panel Light!

RFID live booth

Graphene Security’s RFID Live! Journal booth with our graphene RFID roll, Graphene Panel Ligh, and graphene RFID tags embedded in clothing. Our booth had a “Best New Product” sticker placed at the front of it.

The result was a demonstration that is a breakthrough in all fronts: the Graphene Panel Light delivers a high performance RFID interrogator, connected to our cloud-based live RFID monitoring. The tags are graphene-based, printed directly on paper in a reel-to-reel process. Together, this system represents a turn-key RFID solution for the retail industry.

The journey continues

That’s the second fantastically successful event for Graphene Security in 2016, after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We have a few more journeys planned for 2016 – stay tuned and don’t forget to contact us if you would like to partner with us.

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