//Graphene antennas to commercialized by Graphene Security

Graphene antennas to commercialized by Graphene Security

Graphene Security Ltd today has been registered at the UK’s companies house with registration number 09624854, with the sole goal of commercializing graphene antennas.

It is our vision to displace the traditional metal antennas business with our graphene-based antennas.

The previous generation

The previous generation of antennas, uses metals, for example aluminium or copper, to shape and define conductive paths. Lithography is used extensively, which means the process is a subtractive one – material is removed by etching. This means vast amounts of etchants and photoresists need to be used. This is the reason why this polluting manufacturing technology is bound to be phased out, as we move towards a more sustainable future.

The next generation with Graphene Security

Our antennas are produced using an additive reel-to-reel technology which does not use any resists or etchants. In fact, screen printing is the same technology used to produce newspapers around the world, meaning the manufacturing can be made virtually anywhere with no huge capital investment.

An additional advantage is the fact we use paper as a substrate, instead of plastics, and we can deliver antennas of any shape required.

Graphene antennas can also be repeatedly flexed to more than tens of thousands of time with no impact on the performance.

Our vision and future

That is why graphene antennas is the future. It’s a greener manufacturing technology, they are easier to produce in a variety of shapes and can deliver a cost-effective solution that will enable a new generation in the antennas.

Would you like to join us in this journey? If you are a potential partner or a collaborator, we would be happy to hear from you. Just drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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